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Our consulting and integration services include

  • Installation, training and support for our software products and tools (storagement, tform, prosit, development tools, IT security)
  • Installation and optimization of database products and database tools (IBM Informix, Oracle, QueriX)
  • Planning, installation und support of Wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11x), Bluetooth and other systems for radio data transmission / wireless applications
  • Consulting and concepts for IT systems and processes in the logistics environment, including networks, Internet/WAN, e-commerce, barcoding, RDT and printing
  • Development of concepts for IT security and their implementation
  • Consulting and planning of business processes for warehousing
  • Re-Engineering of legacy INFORMIX 4GL applications, migration to ORACLE and MS Windows platforms (using QueriX Tools).
  • For QueriX Users, we offer a special starter kit: 1 week of training and consulting with one of our specialists. After all, our own 4GL application consists of over 1.000.000 lines of code, so we can pass on some experience.

Price information available on request.

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